Carpet Cleaning

As much as we take caution in our everyday life to protect our precious carpets from damage and stains, at one time we will find out that a stain will eventually occur in one way or the other. Removing the carpet stain depends highly on the nature of the stain since not all stains should be removed using the same procedure. A stain may occur from a mess by your pet, coffee accidentally pouring on your carpet as well as drops of blood among others. Below are ways you can use to remove some of these common stains, by Gold Coast carpet cleaner from CPH Services.

carpet cleaning removes stainsWe can now go on to discuss the method we can use to remove the pet stain. Whenever one owns a pet like a dog, they will at one time or the other need to clean up with a mess that the dog will accidentally pee on the carpet. When this happens, it is advisable to first of all clean the initial mess. You may also find out that there may be debris on your carpet. Here, you should pick it up with gloves and immediately dispose of it. When it is wet, you can blot it to soak the moisture and without rubbing and smearing. You should blot several times till the carpet dries up and the stain is no longer visible. In case the stain has taken sometimes there and is dry, you should start by moistening the spot before working on it. After that, you can apply those products from the shop that are specified for removing pet stains. To make the odor neutral, you can use one of the odor neutralizers that are specifically meant for messes.

At times you may go wrong with your coffee or your kid might spill it on the carpet accidentally making a stain. That makes your carpet to have that yellowish brown color that looks unpleasant. You should make sure that you blot the area with a clean white towel to dry. While doing this, make sure you do not spread the spot to other areas of the carpet that are not affected. Use a mixture of water, vinegar, and a detergent to rinse the spot. However, they are products that are sold in supermarkets precisely for this kind of a stain. It is advisable to have one in the house, just in case.

In case you have a blood stain on your carpet, there are procedures that one should follow as well to remove the stain. If possible, blood stains should be worked on while still wet. It is advisable to use cold water in place of warm water. This is to avoid the blood from coagulating. Blood coagulates with heat. You can fill a small bottle with liquid detergent and apply on the spot. Blot the area with a clean cloth preferably white. The blood will move to the cloth and the stain on the carpet will vanish.

Whenever it is ink stain that is involved, you should get a white cloth with isopropyl alcohol. Mope the spot properly and be careful not to scrub or rub since the ink might spread to other areas of the carpet that might not be affected in the first place. Other product that you may use to remove ink stains includes all the substances with high levels of alcohol, nail polish removers, and hair sprays. Always be careful while removing stains to avoid making damages to your carpet.